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At Braant Accountants, we’ll take the hassle and complexity out of all your accounting functions.

We specialise in making a ‘big company’ accounting service accessible to every sized business – key team accountants are from Top 4 firms.

The accounting partner you can trust

We understand that accounts can be complicated, particularly if you’re concerned about paying too much or too little tax. That’s why we work hard to put you at ease and provide an accounting service you can rely on and trust.

We work across a wide range of industries in London and throughout the UK, so we understand the characteristics that make accounting in your sector uniquely challenging.

  • 97% client retention rate
  • Offices across the UK
  • Open & friendly
  • Jargon free
  • Over 30 years’ experience
  • Transparent and flexible pricing

“Thorough, authoritative and original Braant have always been excellent. We are a small, specialist strategic advisory firm. We have been through a variety of changes of ownership, approach and philosophy and over the last two and half years Braant have been consistently clear, direct and unambiguous. They have demonstrated expertise and integrity not only in dealing with complex accounting changes, but also in understanding our business and our priorities. I have no hesitation in recommending them, particularly to small, entrepreneurial firms, but also to larger firms who need the highest possible standards and independent thinking.”

Peter Kingsley

Director, P.J.R. Ltd, Clerkenwell

Effective on-site and off-site solutions

You may find it helps to have an accountant, bookkeeper or interim finance director working alongside you at your offices. If so, we’ll deploy our team to support you when and where you need them – and as often as you need them. Alternatively, we can provide our accounting and bookkeeping services from our 10 UK offices – in central London and around England. Either way, you’ll have direct access to your dedicated accountant when you need advice or an update. And you’ll save significant fees by not having to recruit.

A single point of contact

At Braant Accounting, you’ll be looked after by a dedicated accountant. This person will take time to get to know and understand your business and be your single point of contact for every service we provide you – whether that is self-assessment, VAT, annual company accounts, or a long-term financial and tax planning strategy.

How Can An Accountant Benefit Your Business

Hiring an experienced accountant can bring many benefits to your company. An accountant’s role is to prepare financial reports which provides a valuable insight into the financial health of your company, and importantly, to interpret the financials and highlight areas of concern or lucrative trade. At Braant we have a team of highly skilled accountants with experience in your sector.

Using their expertise, our accountants can help establish the most effective business structure for your company in compliance with current government regulations. At the same time, we will set up the correct accounting processes and procedures for your business. 

Our accountants in London will analyse the financials to understand your company’s cash flow and productivity. This can add real value as the analysis can be used by you or your management team to make informed decisions.  

Working with a Braant accountant can help successfully grow your company as they can advise on areas such as business financing, forecasts and projected budgets to assist you in taking business decisions confidently.

Part of the role of an accountant is to ensure that your business is complying with all current government regulations. Our accountants ensure tax filings are accurate and submitted swiftly.  We can also coordinate your company’s payroll.

Working with a Braant accountant will provide you with more time to focus on your business.

What Software Does Braant Work With?

Timely and accurate bookkeeping is the cornerstone of a successful business and is an essential foundation built upon by everyone at Braant. Most accountants in London work with one or two systems, but at Braant we work with 16 of the world’s major systems. This gives flexibility to clients as it means that they are not tied to one particular software. Braant accountants are qualified and experienced in using a wide range of automated systems, saving time so there’s more focus analysing financial information and strategy more efficiently. Importantly, at Braant we have accountants who have worked and supported within your business sector.

Services Explained

Business Tax Advice

An important part of running a business is benefitting from good tax advice, planned in advance, from an accountant. Working with your accountant throughout the year will ensure you are provided with regular reporting of your company’s performance, providing you with a good understanding of cash flow, profitability, productivity, debtors, creditors, to mention a few. They will ensure your company has the right classification and accurate records are maintained. They will manage your company payroll and separate business and personal expenses as they will know what can be claimed against tax. 

Having a good accountant who can provide sound tax advice is invaluable, as you will be able to make informed business decisions and benefit from utilising all applicable tax allowances.

Accounts & Corporation Tax

Engaging a company accountant can be beneficial when completing tax filings as their role is to ensure your company is calculating and paying the correct amount for Corporation Tax. Paperwork for both the company accounts and corporation tax usually cover the same period. It is important that both are completed accurately and filed on time to avoid any financial penalties. The Company Tax Return (CT600) is completed for Corporation Tax and is submitted to H. M Revenue and Customs (HMRC) and is calculated after net profit, whilst the company’s accounts must be sent to Companies House. Both are required at the end of the financial year to show how a company has performed over the accounting period. 

There is no legal requirement to use an accountant for completing the paperwork for your company’s annual accounts and tax return but there are many benefits in doing so. An accountant will ensure the company’s filings are compliant with HMRC and Companies House, also avoiding tax penalties and fines. Importantly, it will save you time and worry about filing these important statutory documents.

VAT Services

If you have a Limited Company and it’s registered for VAT with HMRC, it is essential that a VAT return is submitted at the agreed frequency, often annually or quarterly. You can submit the VAT return yourself, but instead is prudent to use an experienced accountant who will ensure the return is completed accurately and submitted in good time.

We can advise you on all aspects of VAT and MTD. We can explain the benefits of becoming VAT registered if your annual revenue falls below the VAT threshold and consider which VAT scheme will benefit your business. Importantly, if your company is VAT registered, with the support from your accountant you can reclaim VAT on goods and services your company has purchased, and back date the claim if necessary.  Timing in registering for VAT is critical and if not planned well, can be very costly in unclaimed VAT.


Payroll involves intricate calculations including items such as gross wages, net wages, SSP, student loans, bonuses, commissions, PAYE tax and National Insurance deductions. Accurate payroll is important as it closely monitors staff income, NI, PAYE, benefits, pension contributions etc to ensure the company complies with employment and tax legislation.

Our Payroll team at Braant are experienced in maintaining payroll for all sizes of companies including recruitment agencies for temporary workers.


Accurate and timely bookkeeping is the foundation for any company. Engaging a good bookkeeper to maintain and update the books on a regular basis, often monthly, helps in providing regular and timely reports and assists at VAT quarter end in preparing and filing the VAT return.  It also eases the year-end process as the books have already been updated throughout the year.

The accountants at Braant are highly experienced and work with over 1,000 companies of all size and requirements. They use a wide variety of software systems so they can effectively analyse the books and management accounts to provide you with insight on your company’s performance. Braant offers you on-site and off-site bookkeeping or a mixture of both to meet your company’s specific needs. 

Benefits of letting us file your tax return

Filing tax returns is both time consuming and stressful, especially when you are trying to run a company. The more complex your tax return, the more necessary it is to have a good accountant by your side. Engaging an accountant to file your tax return brings benefits, such as filing your tax return in good time to avoid penalties and interest. You may be able to save or defer your tax as accountants specialise in checking, analysing and preparing business financial records. They also ensure that the business is operating within all laws and regulations and that the accounts are completed as per the HMRC guidelines. 

Tax and finances can be both daunting and time consuming as there are year-end company accounts, corporation tax and VAT to consider. There will be correspondence with Companies House and HMRC to deal with and all these will keep you away from the important task of running your company. 

Not understanding legislation, not completing tax forms correctly or missing deadlines all carry heavy financial penalties for late submission – which your accountant will ensure you avoid. 

The accountants at Braant are keen to help you file your tax returns and will want to see your company grow. They will provide sound financial advice and guidance to help you achieve your goals and be able to offer solutions that are based on their wealth of experience. Building a relationship with a good accountant from Braant is a win-win solution

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